At the heart of our organization, are dedicated volunteers who work day and night to promote scientific literacy in the community, and create a culture that emphasizes co-operation with local businesses, education supplementary to student curriculum,  as well as a medium for people to appreciate and understand the role astronomy plays in our society.

We are a non-profit society, incorporated June 4, 2015, with the following purposes:

  1. to promote interest in, and awareness of, the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory (DAO), and of astronomy and related science, technology, engineering and mathematics;
  2. to enhance science literacy by supporting an evidence-based approach to natural phenomena;
  3. to promote fellowship among, and provide the means of exchanging information between, individuals and organizations having a common interest in astronomy and related sciences;
  4. to enhance interest in astronomy and related sciences in groups underrepresented and under-served in the sciences such as girls and women, First Nations communities, and persons with disabilities;
  5. to organize astronomy and related science education events for the public and for schools, clubs, and special interest groups including but not limited to field trips for astronomical viewing (“star parties”), public lecture programs, and educational displays;
  6. to develop working partnerships with community organizations, businesses and government in order to provide astronomy and related science awareness and education to diverse populations;
  7. to develop working partnerships with universities, museums, non-profit organizations, and private foundations in order to enhance the quality of astronomy and science related events;
  8. to develop working partnerships with the local arts community in order to enhance  the quality and outreach of activities;
  9. to facilitate public access to the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory for the above purposes;
  10. to receive gifts, bequests, funds and to hold, administer and distribute such property for:
    1. the promotion of astronomy and related sciences;
    2. the furtherance of the purposes of organizations which are “qualified donees” under the provisions of the Income Tax Act; and
    3. for such other purposes and activities as are authorized for registered charities under the provisions of the Income Tax Act and other taxing authorities;
  11. to develop sources of income as may from time to time be appropriate, including conducting business or other activities in support of the purposes of the society; and
  12. to perform all other activities as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the foregoing purposes and the exercise of the powers of the society.